Project design: Our experience allows us to propose the most effective methodologies to get the answers to the questions you have.

Qualitative and Quantitative teams: We have a full service qualitative and quantitative offer, from recruitment to report writing and everything in between.

Face-to-face interviewing  
Face-to-face interviewing is national. We can quickly find the right people to talk to anywhere in the country. Our interviewers know their bikes and scooters and can quickly convert an owner into a respondent willing to answer. Large scale projects with difficult to find target respondents are never too much trouble for our determined field force.

Telephone unit.
Our central London based telephone unit conducts 1,000s of interviews per week. The interviewers have been selected from the very best and trained to our high standards. They are quick to learn and regularly tackle difficult and technical projects. They manage to mix professionalism with a friendly determination to get the project done. We are often asked to reach difficult groups (such as opinion leaders, politicians or business leaders), where other companies shy away. Each project starts with an intensive interviewer training to ensure they’re fully briefed about the project objectives and details. We want them to be smart enough to react well with the respondents, especially in technical or specialist areas as is often the case in the P2W world.

The unit is also international; working around the clock phoning into other European countries, the East and the USA. We also conduct long running continuous studies in the automotive markets, tracking customer loyalty, satisfaction and future intentions.

Web surveys.
We use merlinco software to drive our web surveys.

Data handling.
We have developed our own in-house data collection, tabulation and analysis package (ACTI), which handles all our data processing requirements better than most ‘off-the-shelf’ products.

Local and international.
While we’re very happy just working in the UK, over our careers we have conducted hundreds of international projects covering six continents, and have built up a network of agencies that we can use across the world. From researching oil packaging in Argentina, to new product development for 4x4s in South Africa, to positioning clinics for pick-ups in Taiwan, we’ve done it. If you need research carried out on this planet, we’ll find the best way to do it, regardless of whether it’s Hull or Honolulu. Preferably the latter.

Viewing studios.
As you may well know, much qualitative research is conducted in specially designed viewing studios, using one way mirrors. Jon is a director of Wyoming Studios, the best viewing facilities in the country with studios in central London and Watford. Both offer a comfortable and effective research environment with the latest technology. Although primarily used for conducting focus groups they can also be converted into mini clinic venues or central location tests. We can also hire other studios if these locations aren’t appropriate.

Target teams.
We are often told that fieldwork agencies lack the flexibility to find difficult target markets. That’s why we created Target Teams (TT). For example, you may want to locate riders who have particular after-market pipes. By despatching our TTs to particular events or gatherings we can quickly sample a specifically targeted group. No other company offers this service.

Scooter recruiters.
Specifically used for London and the Home Counties, the Scooter Recruiters are used in a similar way to the target teams. The scooter recruiters’ job is to cover a lot of ground in a short time. They are an excellent way of receiving feedback about hot topics or issues; for example parking bay charges in central London. Scooter Recruiters can place calling cards, web-links or SAE questionnaires.

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