If you are familiar with this term, then you understand the importance of this type of research and the effort and expertise required to conduct such a study.

We have gained that expertise over years working in the automotive markets around the world. For those who want to know more, then it’s usually best explained face to face, but in essence:

Clinics are usually used to assess new product designs and concepts in a secure environment. Manufacturers entrust their prototype products to us for assessment by potential customers. We carefully screen and select people to attend an event where our client’s product is assessed, usually alongside the competition. The detail of each clinic is unique; but usually comprises some form of quantitative assessment (ie sizable samples of people assessing the products by tailored questionnaires) and also qualitative discussion; where select groups are guided by a moderator through the details of the product and discussed.

Over the years marketeers, designers, advertisers, engineers and planners have all benefited from a detailed understanding of the customers’ reaction. This enables fine-tuning a design, development of a campaign or simply being able to relax in the knowledge that your product meets the demanding standards of future buyers.

If products are new or secret, security is high, and in the 20 years of conducting clinics around the world, we have never had a security breach.

We also run current product clinics, allowing new market entrant evaluation just after launch, so you can compare your current product with the latest entrant. These clinics are ideal for getting quick feedback on new products and don’t need the same level of secrecy.

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